Do you ever wonder where all the water goes when you flush the toilet or use the kitchen sink? Well if you are living in the city, then you should be lucky that there are centralized water systems where all the domestic water wastes will pass through, and they will have a chance to be cleaned and reused once again. However, not all areas have this kind of advanced systems to make sure that water does not go to waste, in rural areas you will not find a water system like in the city, but more often there will be a septic tank to catch all the water used in a home.

Water System

This water tank consists of two parts. First, you have the septic tank, and then you a soil absorption field. This system is unique, not only does it help in making sure that water does not go to waste, but it makes sure that the water helps in the growth of mother nature. When water and other matters enter the septic tank,  it can segregate the liquids from the solid wastes and floatable matter. Then, the liquid will follow a pipe line systems that are buried in leaching chambers that eventually lead to watering the soil. The segregation stage is crucial because waste like oil and grease that comes in contact with soil can lead to the destruction of any form of plantation.

Why is this that the rural areas don’t have high-tech water systems like what the cities have? Well, that is because in the city, there are companies that supply water to residents, and they are paying customers, and with money flowing in, they can use it to build infrastructure using technology to ensure the consumption of water is used wisely.  People in the rural areas use septic tanks because their supply of waters is usually from the natural bodies of water like wells and rivers. Another sign that they do not have a centralized water system is that they do not have water meters to monitor the consumption and pressure of water. Also, if one person has a septic tank in the area, then chances are the entire area is running on septic tanks to help save water.

It will be important to know where your septic tank is located because there will be times that you will need to have it checked or repaired. If you aren’t sure about the whereabouts of your septic tank, then you can try searching it in the blue prints of your home. Another safe bet is to seek for lids of man holes in your garden area; those will most probably lead to your tank. One best way, of course, is to ask a professional, these people will have no trouble at all searching for your septic tank, and can probably do it in record time. It is important to keep your septic tank maintenance DeKalb intact, and always check on it now and then.